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The services that I offer assist in balancing the horses system to achieve a more complete recovery from any form of trauma be physical or mental. I have found that both coexist together. I have years of professional experience with horses and each treatment regimen is suited for the individual horse and what they need and veterinary recommendations as well. I offer equine acupuncture, equine energy healing, equine body balance, as well as specific individual exercise addressed to the need for that individuals recovery.

Acupuncture has been around for several thousand years. There is a life force of energy called Qi, pronounced "chee" that circulates throughout the body via channels that are called meridians. I often explain to people that these meridians are much like a river. When the river is flowing normal within its banks everything is balanced, settled, clear and no chaos. If the river becomes too full and flows beyond its banks then the river rages and gets muddy, chaotic and disturbed creating an energy that is too full, to much to contain within its boundaries. Often after the river has become chaotic and overflowed, it acquires debris that is carried along until it finds a place to settle and stick, thus creating an area of stagnance within the river. This stagnant area becomes dark and stuck out of balance continuing to collect more and more debris disrupting the river's natural flow. This is exactly what can happen within the meridians of the body disrupting the natural life force within. Disturbances to the "Qi" can result from a number of circumstances and often if left untreated will lead to disease. The natural circulation throughout the body is crucial to the health of the individual.

Organic Beauty Equine Supplements

Acupuncture helps to tonify an area that has become stagnant, breaking up the obstructions, allowing the natural flow to return to a balanced state. Acupuncture helps to sedate an area that has become chaotic, too reactive, settling down the flow once again to return to a natural balanced state. Acupuncture is extremely effective in many of the equine ailments- bone disease, ligament damage, tendon care, immune disorders, muscle atrophy, traumatic memories, colic, bad behavior, etc.

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Organic Beauty Equine Supplements

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