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"I own a 12 yr old AQHA mare who has been a pleasure horse and has now been working on dressage for the past year. Due to the high demand of performance, she had tension in her poll, cervical and sacral area. The more I asked of my mare in collection the more she began exhibiting soreness and became quite moody. The first treatment Dawn did on my mare was quite memorable. She helped my mare release tension that had settled in her reproductive area, which had been causing very irregular heat cycles for quite sometime. I never knew when she was going to cycle. After the very first treatment my mare had a tremendous release of bound up energy and began to cycle on a normal schedule and still does. Dawn was also able to relieve the tension in her poll, cervical and sacral area and maintains my mare to this day. My horse is flexible and reaches with every stride now. I could not be asking my mare to do what she can do now without Dawns help. I also had a gelding that was boarded at my place that would not engage his hindquarters. This geldings back and sacral area were very tight, tense to palpate and out of alignment. Dawn was able to free this gelding up tremendously and he then was able to engage his hindquarters when asked."

"Dawns technique has its own very unique approach to each individual animal and she just has a way with sensing and communicating with them about their problems. I would highly recommend her to anyone, she has a gift and she is a true healer."


Organic Beauty Equine Supplements

"I called Dawn one evening for an emergency. I have a 29 yr old stallion and he couldn't lift his head 5 inches off the ground without staggering to the ground and could not walk forward, only backwards. He appeared very disoriented and his equilibrium was off. I had a vet look at him before I called Dawn. My stallion was given some medication but it wasn't helping him at all. He continued to get worse.The vet wanted me to take him to a university for MRIs and I just couldn't afford to do all that, so I called Dawn as my last resort. Dawn came out evaluated my horse's situation. Dawn began checking my horses neck thoroughly and said that his neck appeared to be out of alignment and the tension severe. Dawn began working on my stallion very cautiously and very slow. My stallion began to improve with every step she took. By the end of her treatment he could raise his head to level and walk forwards without staggering. By the next morning my stallion was hanging his head over the fence waiting on his breakfast. I truly believe that if it were not for Dawn coming out to help my stallion I would have had no choice but to euthanize him before he got any worse. I would recommend Dawn to anybody looking for help with their horses."


Organic Beauty Equine Supplements

"...Getting horses with complex, severe injuries such as Buster's back to work requires a good team. I think that DAWN GRAHAM MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE in Buster's comfort level, muscle health and balance which allowed his hind SL to heal. Most importantly your dedication to his recovery has been the key element in making that happen... (comment edited to remove other personal information)"

Best regards,
Carol Gillis | DVM, PhD, DACVSMR | Equine Ultrasound and Sports Medicine

Organic Beauty Equine Supplements

"I bought "Killian", a 6 year old Appendix gelding, in the spring of 2014 for use as a trail horse in a rental operation on a private plantation. Not even a month and 3 rides after purchasing him, Killian displayed the odd behavior of lying down unexpectedly under saddle and for no apparent reason. After 2 separate exams by 2 different veterinarians, I was told that the horse was not useable as a trail horse and further costly diagnostic procedures were needed to determine the exact cause of his discomfort."

"Dawn had provided acupuncture treatments to several other horses on plantation, including performance, lesson and gaited horses with marked success. Upon hearing Killian's story, Dawn felt that he could benefit from focused acupuncture treatments, in addition to oils and electric pulse. I agreed to a 2 week trial to see what could be done for him."

"When I dropped Killian off at Dawn's, he was defensive about being touched, his eyes were sunk into his head (from pain), and he displayed a general depression. At the 2 week check in, he was beginning to lunge in both directions at a walk and trot, the canter was still developing. Dawn reported that his poll area was swollen, comparing his pain level in this area to having a 24/7 migraine. Furthermore, she noted that a rib on his right side and that his right side pelvis was out of alignment. She recommended an additional 2 weeks of treatment, to which I agreed."

"After 3 more weeks of treatments, Dawn reported that she had been successful in realigning the rib and pelvis and that Killian was going under saddle comfortably! She felt that he could return to work as a trail horse with a potential future as a lesson horse."

"Killian returned to the plantation in late August and was put back to work within a week. To date, he has been on 4 trail rides with different riders and all of them have raved about his sweet nature and willingness! His eyes are once again "happy" and he enjoys being handled."

"In my professional experience, the end result is nothing short of a miracle for this horse!"

"I would HIGHLY recommend Dawn to any horse owner who has a horse in need of her preventative or corrective acupuncture care!"

Michelle Grimes | Brays Island Equestrian Director

ProVision Testimonials

Organic Beauty Equine Supplements

"Adding ProVision to the maintenance plan has helped in managing the lameness issues of our 10 year old gelding who was diagnosed with navicular last year. This has enabled us to continue using him as a head horse in team roping events."

Thanks so much,
Ron Mace

Organic Beauty Equine Supplements

"Please read my testimony below! Hopefully it touches your heart as much as your product has touched and helped our pony! My daughter sends a huge thank you too for helping her best friend!!!!!"

"I recently found Dawn's supplement product on ebay and decided to try it. WOW...what a product!"

"Here is our story...
We own an older pony that my daughter received for her first birthday present 17 years ago. Several years ago he got out of his pen and enjoyed our green pasture while we were gone and he foundered very severely. We were very upset as it set him back tremendously as he served many people as a therapy horse. He visited hospitals, nursing homes, handicapped children, churches, was an ambassador in many parades for special causes, attended special events dressed up as numerous characters, and attended my school regularly to visit our special needs kids."

"Due to his lameness he had to stop all of this as it became very painful for him to stand or even walk. He started spending most of his day laying down and after our farrier and vet said they had tried everything they both knew of we were reluctantly considering putting him down due to his ever increasing pain levels. I started doing alot of research on the internet trying to find something that would help him. By chance I found your product on Ebay so I thought what the heck I'd spend the money and give it a try, it certainly couldn't hurt! Within three days of taking your supplement Bean was up standing again and even whinning at me as I entered the barn! Then by the end of the first week I cracked his stall door to water him and when I turned around to shut the stall door he has snuck out and was proudly trotting out of the barn to see his equine friends out in our arena. As I called to him he proudly looked back, kicked up his heels, and off he went bucking around our arena. I was so amazed at this that I made an appointment later that day with our vet to show him Bean's progress. (In the beginning my vet was very skeptical about supplements...but said go ahead and try if I wanted to, but I was probably just wasting my money!)"

"Bean is a favorite at our vet and most of the time the whole staff meets him at the front door. Well at all of their surprise Bean not only walked in, but I trotted him past everyone! Boy I wish you could have seen their faces! I certainly made believers out of them as Bean did his normal little bow to say hello to everyone! My vet was so impressed that he called the farrier in and within minutes my farrier became a believer too! He said, "OK - what kind of drugs did you give him so he can do that?" (Bean's feet had started to curl up and his front tendons were starting to seriously contract from the founder that he had been walking up on his tip toes to avoid the pain.) My farrier asked if he could check out his feet and within a short trim job Bean was walking perfectly normal again and if you hadn't seen him a week or so earlier you would have never known that he had severe laminitis!!!!!"

"Well to make a long story short, my vet apologized to me and asked for information about your product. I gladly got on their office computer and showed all of them your website! Since then Bean and I proudly display his feet and his normal range of motion to everyone that we meet and we ALWAYS have to tell them about your product and how it saved his life!!! Bean will soon be back as a therapy horse again thanks to your wonderful product!!!!!"

Thank you and God Bless!
The Schadwinkel Family

Organic Beauty Equine Supplements

"We had a very nice, well bred, athletic mare in cutting training that got injured in her stifle area. We first started with our local vet to see if the lameness could be explained and helped. They did x-rays, lameness exams, and finally blocking. They injected her stifle joint with steroids. Then they had us try Butte. No explanation was found as to why she had gone lame and how we could fix it. We then had a chiropractor work on her twice. Still the mare was not showing much improvement. We decided to take her then to a man known for his lameness expertise and have him do chiropractic work and even acupuncture on her. Still not seeing the improvement that we needed to see, we then took her to another vet who did an ultrasound-sonogram, and a bone scan. We were still left with not much hope in figuring out how to help this mare. The owner was even prepared to put her down so she wouldn't suffer anymore. We then put her on Organic Beauty's Horse Supplement for 2 weeks on 1 full scoop daily. After 2 weeks on the supplement she walked out sound and this had not been seen throughout any of the other processes done. She was walked for ten minutes until her injured leg became exhausted due to the extensiveness of this injury. Without seeing the results that this supplement could do for helping this mare start her recovery process, we would have probably encouraged the owner to then euthanize her. Organic Beauty's Horse Supplement really does some remarkable things that even modern medicine can't always figure out!"

MB Cutting Horses

Organic Beauty Equine Supplements

"I have seen Organic Beauty's ProVision help relieve some arthritic conditions in a gelding within days, making this horse's flexibility and range of motion increase tremendously. He became stronger through his turns and in his stops. The supplement also helped a cutting mare have more flexibility and extension in her front end, making her much more supple and smooth through her turns. I have also witnessed the supplement helping a mare who appears to have an acute injury in her stifle area. She had little flexion or reach in this leg when being hand walked and would rest the leg as soon as hand walking was stopped. Within 5 days of being on one scoop a day of Organic Beauty's ProVision she began gaining more flexion and reach in her leg and resting her leg less. I believe that the supplement will help speed the healing process up in injuries like this one and others also. It will greatly increase circulation and reduce inflammation, which can then allow a more speedy recovery. I would highly recommend this supplement for any discipline."

shared by a Professional NCHA Trainer

Organic Beauty Equine Supplements

"I have been using Organic Beauty's ProVision for 2 months. I purchased it for my 17 year old cutting horse who was suffering from arthritis in his front end. After about a week on the supplement he started to "free up" in his front end more quickly during warm up,and the "clicking" in his joints stopped when he was walked out of his stall. He started marking better scores in the showpen too. After a 2 week period I also noticed his hair coat start to shine more and his mane and tail started growing more rapidly. I also am using the ProVision on a young cutting mare that would become very sore in her hind end when in training. X-rays did not explain her lameness. She would have been rated a 3 out of 5 on a pain scale. Since she has been taking the supplement she has not taken a lame step and is able to continue in training. I used it on a filly that had rain rot that I had been treating with a medicated shampoo for several weeks and still was battling it. After a week of being on Organic Beauty's ProVision, the rain rot is 95% gone. I now use it on all my show horses, and any others that look like they might need that little something extra. What I like about Organic Beauty's ProVision, compared to other supplements on the market, is that even if you are just using it for maintenance on your horse, not for a specific issue, you will still see it start working and you will know that your horse is becoming a healthier individual."

J&S Quarter Horses

Organic Beauty Equine Supplements

"My 18 year old Smart Little Lena cutting horse gelding was thoroughly checked over by a renowned chiropractor in the cutting horse industry, who works on several of the top show horses competing, right before being started on Organic Beauty's Equine Supplement in October of 2008. My gelding's fetlocks showed decreased range of motion when flexing and definite signs of arthritis. I started him on the supplement with the developers suggested amount for 14 days straight, then backed off to half the amount everyday since. My gelding's range of motion has increased tremendously and he no longer cracks and pops when first coming out of his stall, like I said in a previous testimony. I recently had my gelding's fetlocks x-rayed and 2 vets looked at those x-rays and couldn't believe that these were the joints of an 18 yr old cutter that has been hauled consistently every year since he was three. They looked like joints from a younger horse that hadn't had such a hard career. There was absolutely no arthritis, spacing between bones looked great, and his range of motion has increased. The vets asked what this horse was being given for his joints and I told them "Organic Beauty.""

J&S Quarter Horses - additional testimony

Organic Beauty Equine Supplements

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